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Zutendaal | 15-16 September 2012

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  • Meeting point: DE LIETEBERG - Zuurbroekstraat 16 - 3690 Zutendaal 
  • Shoes from the 'Hoge Kempen': In Zutendaal, the Sideways journey folds into a final festival weekend. Not a terminus, but a pause out of which new lines of movement will emerge. Host location is the Lieteberg, one of the gateways into the National Park ‘Hoge Kempen’. The weekend programme includes the closing symposium ‘Moving On’, the concluding presentation of the mobile art projects and a refreshing walk along the local barefoot trail.
  • Symposium: The symposium ‘Moving On’ extends upon the initial markers set up at the symposium in Menen and confronts the actual experiences of the Sideways laboratory with stories and practices emerging in other contexts. Both symposia focus on the socio-cultural and ecological aspects of being on the go. As such, the Sideways symposia expand our understanding of issues regarding site-specific art and performance, walking and trespassing, sustainability and landscape, stillness and slowness, (im)mobility and spatial (un)planning. 

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