Menen, 19 augustus Brussel, 1 & 2 september Turnhout, 8 & 9 september Zutendaal, 15 en 16 september Herzele, 25 & 26 augustus


A mobile expedition and playground for collaborative experiments with sound and listening.
Workshop 1: From MONDAY 27.08 till SATURDAY 1.09 (Herzele > Brussels)
Workshop 2: From MONDAY 3.09 till SATURDAY 8.09 (Brussels > Turnhout)
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Davide Tidoni Soundstorming

SOUNDSTORMING | Davide Tidoni (IT)

Soundstorming is an exploration walk that guides participants through various acoustic territories and sound locations. The walk functions as a mobile playground for collaborative experiments with sound and listening. Echoing the process of brainstorming, Soundstorming provides a freewheeling environment in which participants are encouraged to explore different listening modes and develop site-specific interventions. Particular attention will be put on the body as a whole sensory being and political subject. Situated listening activities will serve as a technology for developing individual sensorial capacities as well as a strategy for investigating specific social-cultural contexts and notions of public and private.

Each walkkshop lasts for six days. It opens with a four day walk, from Monday to Thursday. Activities continue on Friday with the collection and group discussion of documentation produced during the walk. On Sunday 2 September (Brussels, 4-4.30pm) and on Saturday 8 September (Turnhout, 5-5.30pm), there will be a presentation of the work for the festival audience.

PARTICIPANTS The workshop is open to 6 people with a strong interest in walking, intervention and listening. Registration is open to people coming from different backgrounds and research interests such as: architecture, cultural studies, media technology, performing arts, senses and society, sound-space, and urban studies.

PRICE For guidance, accommodation and food you will pay a contribution of 96 €.

WHAT TO BRING? Participants are asked to bring along their own personal sound equipment for outdoor exploration and interventions. Any kind of old or new media equipment is welcome. Good examples are bent electronics, small speakers, found radios, megaphone, mp3 player, microphones, tape recorders, … Things also useful to bring are: swiss army knife, light torch, rope, steel wire, hooks, waterproof clothes, trekking shoes, water and food. Bring along a ‘day backpack’ for this material, the sleeping bags and big backpacks will be transported by car.

WHEN/WHERE:Start hour in the morning and meeting point will be communicated. A personal email with more practical info will be sent to registered participants. Presentation Walkshop B01 on Sunday 2 September 16:00-16:30. Presentation Walkshop B02 on Saturday 8 September 17:00-17:30.

SEE ALSO  Davide Tidoni and www.davidetidoni.name 

REGISTER VIA www.sideways2012.be/nl/workshops  with registration code B01 or B02