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Jeremy Wood (GB) | Walking with Satellites

2 WALKSHOPS 'Walking with Satellites':
In Menen (19.08): info & registration
In Brussels (2.09): info & registration

web Jeremy WOOD - gps-meridian 04b - voorkeur AndyDuring the Sideways festival, Jeremy Wood creates a unique GPS drawing and conduct discussion sessions in a series of workshops. Participants will be confronted with issues of accessibility in totalitarian topography and experience the physical intricacies of drawing with GPS in public spaces.

Jeremy Wood (GB)

web Jeremy WOOD - gps-meridian 02aJeremy Wood is well known for his drawings with GPS tracking (Global Positioning System). The idea originated in October 2000 when he captured a holding pattern from a commercial flight from Berlin to London with a handheld receiver. Ever since, Jeremy has used GPS satellite technology to draw and map personal cartographies on land, on the water and in the air. His work is in the permanent collections of the London Transport Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum.


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