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woensdag, 22 August 2012 18:27

walking library

Along the walk the Walking Library sometimes offers readings to people and sometimes people offer us books. This video is of a translated reading made by librarian Hilary Ramsden for a woman who said she was out taking a walk near Pottes on her mobility scooter. When we came upon her, she was sitting at the edge of a country road looking out across a golden field of cut barley towards the horizon.  The poem is 'The Grey Fold' by Thomas A. Clark from the collected anthology of radical landscape poetry < The Ground Aslant>. Here is a short excerpt of the poem read:
lifting your eyes / take the small voyage / out to the horizon/ and back again .../ ...you are the one/ walking alone/ intermediary between/ earth and sky'

Misha Myers, Walking Library
21 August 2011

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