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woensdag, 22 August 2012 02:10


Tuesday it was. Kaspar starting his walk with a rusty parasol to be exchanged. And more sun to come. Treelines, cloudscapes and a rainbow umbrella. Weathering out. Day five as a challenging one. The trial of the trail. Some heard 30 kilometres, others kept it to 25, as if distance could be measured. Somewhere afar, a newspaper had been printed, tracking the echos of steps already stilled. Newspapers piling up in the van; the van getting arrested in a traffic jam. Stand-still. Stepping to the horizon of a fresh shower. Walkers trickling in and drivers putting up the handbrake. Food comes with the ravishing people of De Beek. Immediately the sharp smell of garlic. And a magnificent chestnut tree that spans the dinner table as a forlorn umbrella; the carot-ginger soup, the cauliflower puree, the pear cake. Bram and Eleanor unpack, almost ritually, burning the map of the day, crossing the distance off the trajectory. Yana unties the bike. Night sets in and fire wood is brought in a wheelbarrow with a flat tire. We all breathe out carefully, as if not to disturb the serenity of the chestnut realm. A row of laptops lights up as the stars the other night. But connections are slow at this time of the day. We perceive a digital divide and decide to publish later. The animals are just beside, separated by a locked door. We accept the divide and slide into bed, horizontal again, laying down to stand up again, drawing a cross in the summer dust.

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