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woensdag, 22 August 2012 01:24

make your feet your friends -J.barrie

01:11 am

we start walking at 9:am of the day before..we did pretty well 30.71kms..all of us ..different paces and timing on the same line..we arrive just in time for the dinner..all of us ..so tired that we can't stop smile..stories, encounters to share and put together..in one ..we are getting use each other..starting to work as a collective one..everyone with a different attention and function..as different part of the body..trying to upload from the outside close to the fire

the only place where there's a wi-fi..our usb modem are working in Edge (i.e. an unusefull mobile connection if you pretend to upload)-mobile digital divide yes yes :(( , and even the wi-fi is not helpful tonight and move with the wind

so is better going to sleep and let's talk tomorrow

keep you update asap

- your donkey -

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