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dinsdag, 21 August 2012 00:59

walking library reading & writing sessions | reflection prompted by dylan thomas the outing

.preparations always come with packing which brings the element of thinking..what should we take with ourselves to an outing? some clothes, maybe, shoes, camera, food, water..start to do a list, trying to focus on the things that we/i need. strict the necessary. after a while it's a BUT, because i realise that the list is too long..so i start to take things out..teddy bear..bike..jewelry..extra socks..sweets..cravings..anger..trumpet..childhood pictures..fear..doorbell.

.and so on and on.

.at least i finish the list. thinkin' to do another one. but i realise that all that i really need is my body.

.so i start to walk with it.

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