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dinsdag, 21 August 2012 00:48

it was upon (this time)

The donkey is a noble animal, humble, helpful and always present in our stories and history. However, the world is changing faster and faster. Even the language is changing. In a world where words lose meaning as the wind blows, we believe it is necessary to get going, pay attention to the heart and the intentions... on things and people. Build relationships to establish new and more satisfactory way of communications. Together again, man and donkey at the same pace ... because walking is our natural rhythm, allows us to be careful, to care... watch and listen, without losing anything. Especially without wasting time. The heart beat in sync with the steps and the sound of the horseshoes along the way, make our day. The donkey becomes a wandering Quixote who walks through trails in search of his own narrative.

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