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vrijdag, 14 September 2012 14:38


 No city should be too large for a man to walk out of it in a morning.  ~Cyril Connolly

donderdag, 10 May 2012 20:28

Dag 28 - Donderdag 13.09


vrijdag, 14 September 2012 20:19


last night we were exhausted, but always in the morning, people here are ready to start again and smiling, i'm always surprise about the strength that its belonging to us, and most of the time we are not using.. all along the walk a lot of nice little things are happening as usual and i can just enjoy the ones that are walking close to me.. the ambulant architects attracted by the old mines, they call it "buildings pornography". me talking about locative media for 5/6 km with a walking librarian while crossing dunes.. there was the sea here once. Meanwhile a radio was interviewing the donkey. A miner told us that he liked working in the mine, because down there everybody was equal, up here things are different. annika (10 months old), that came with us all the way, made 8 step in a raw by herself, and i considered myself lucky to see a child that is learning to walk. it's the last day of walk, i did not notice any particular sense of achievement when we reached the end. most of the times we are use to consider traveling as going from point A to point B, the value of traveling is not reach the destination is to live what is in the middle...Biegel, the donkey, already noticed that something will change soon, i'm so proud of him, today he walk with us without the need to be tight with the rope... on is own free will ...soon for everybody we will start to going back to our normal life and have the chance to understand what was happening here during this month.

vrijdag, 14 September 2012 14:54


vrijdag, 14 September 2012 16:53

the moment of entering a home territory

the ideal, silent houses with big garage doors and perfect gardens and romantic trinkets leave me cold. I see people on the street and untidy gardens and music coming from open windows - that is place called home.

Simon Persichetti

vrijdag, 14 September 2012 15:15

local info

vrijdag, 14 September 2012 16:05

playing with words

Afbeelding galerij

vrijdag, 14 September 2012 15:51

in genk

vrijdag, 14 September 2012 15:57

mine expo

we arrived in Genk, in a mine place transformed in a cultural space, some exhibition going on. i just made a gallery of artworks that i like. Sorry, i can not remember the name of the authors

Afbeelding galerij

vrijdag, 14 September 2012 16:07

noisy casual meeting

vrijdag, 14 September 2012 16:08

still lives

Afbeelding galerij

vrijdag, 14 September 2012 16:11


Afbeelding galerij

vrijdag, 14 September 2012 16:14

the arrival

vrijdag, 14 September 2012 16:16

wayfarers ensemble

Afbeelding galerij

vrijdag, 14 September 2012 16:21


vrijdag, 14 September 2012 16:42



zondag, 16 September 2012 13:10

last 500m

vrijdag, 14 September 2012 16:45



vrijdag, 14 September 2012 20:52

P.ankh's notes

i think therefore i am was a mistake /// being..  it's only that..even before thinking // sometimes i enter a shiny instant of beauty and aesthetic perfection where everything makes sense // difficult to keep it and distill it in words // real enough to let me trust and search a path again // like it has always been.

speaking of human beings, consideration and acknowledgement for themselves is a simple need for everyone // sense of belonging is coming right after, driven by loneliness and fears // but often we are able to mess things up like no other existing species // reality after version 1.0.. with rules, borders and monsters is messy // look around how complex we made it // not simple and steady as we have all the capacity for it // our sense of responsibility as species  is missed in a frenetic race to enjoy the present and fuck the rest //  are we doing our best?am i? 

things are happening fast everyday

apparently, people, if they are lucky enough to be born on the comfy side of the world have only the choice to apply to be happy and pay the bills (whichever kind of allowed happiness) // the current model society is not providing any other solution

we can just try to realize ourselves by choosing from the range of "representations of me" available and created for our own needs, benefits or interest---- there's some chance of strange and creative individual DIY solutions but necessarily subjected  to the capacity to be employed and/or absorbed by the current market and civil world.  some  more, some other less attractive choices are offered to us  to gain some kind of specific skills, nice dresses, status and some  gadgets ---hopefully some spair time left for us ---  but this, that we call time is already at this point trapped into routines and rails where it is distorted and stolen from us ---.--  dreams swapped for inducted needs --- imagination only slightly practiced out of the permitted zones

as i am how can i be?

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