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dinsdag, 11 September 2012 00:10

P.ankh's notes

anyway /from the beginning again // trying to remember how does it work this game

all start from music, vibration...and stories are fascinating around it

all in the universo is moving and while moving is bumping into other stuff part of the all, producing vibration....a sound indeed

imagine small little cells or whichever else organism dancing around to find its proper place and space in tune with everything around

driven by law of attractions, quantum physics and some other kind of magic.

giving life to everything we know and a soundtrack too // probably  light is involved in the process...

then at some point human beings came out , now and then

me, you s-he us you they // here   me // somewhere   you

everybody else and so much more in space...alive and pulsing

from animals to bit

time as we know should be chained to NOW

music please // do not forget to dance

or do some other nice tricks to get out from the enchantement

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