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zondag, 09 September 2012 22:34

P.ankh's notes

time is relative, there's an old app for that i gifted to a good friend tonight :) experience is objective..energy flow...

at some point sometime can happen the all universo is showing up, and for just an istant  all appears clear, or sincronicities reveals sensitive portion of me. every kind of great magical eternal amazing shit can happen everywhere at any time : looking a sunset or a flower, walking around, playing dices for example ..there's so many ways and possibilities hidden everywhere.. to be rooted or connected

and how nice is  just to bump into something shining that looks true and beautiful..having a nice idea, or a crazy one..if i'm lucky i will find some footprints to follow

please consider that i acknoledge the following: for sure the opposite can always be true for everything i'm positive to...for sure there is always someone that makes something beautiful and there is always a lot of chance to do something meaningful and there's a plenty of people doing great and meaningful things out there

and i want to be one of them

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