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woensdag, 05 September 2012 22:32

today wayfarers notes

- always accept what people offer you

- give more chances to myself and to everyone

- clean my tongue in the morning

- brush my teeth (3 min.)

-stay alive

-finish what i began (once in a while)

-drink more water

- phone or text my sister

- have some good time a day with my family

-remind myself to enjoy walking

- write down ideas

- eat a juicy steak

- take regular breaks with (beer!)

time to think make and do - let time pass

- so good to spent time in this wondering

trail with you, hope we find a good end tomorrow

- always remember to wear your wig, for it allows you to subvert life in a sneaky way

- always bite the hand that feeds you... (just not to hard)

- it's not a competition

- walking long distances is just a matter of putting one foot in front of another. A simple act.

- take time to be quiet, listen to your footsteps

- you haven't won if your winning means that someone lost

- keep in mind: we are not alone in the universe

-there's always a point during the day in which you can hear the ice cream man coming

- respect and be sensitive to what others need

- never miss an opportunity to sit down and rest

-look at the things around you without trying to catch them in a photo

- never miss an opportunity to buy chocolate

- be silent in a different way

- never miss an opportunity to pee

- look up from time to time

- never miss an opportunity to eat fruit you find on the way

- never pass free water

- forget to remember and remember to forget

- never miss an opportunity to eat porridge in the morning

- don't count your steps

- i know a better way

- ask without feeling yourself committed


we end up in a special place

no water , no bathroom , no internet

we will stay almost silent on this side for the moment to enjoy the rest

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