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vrijdag, 31 August 2012 21:33

walking inside the city

the city started to show its profile the day before..and i'm getting closer... as it was like few century ago...walking.. i can perceive the strange feeling to reach a destination after a journey..it has been strange enter a big city again.. after 2 weeks walk in the countryside my entire self is different .. is not use anymore to this, i'm living in a different parallel reality but the sounds and the noise of the city want to brake this enchantement... the relaxing and inspiring horizontal lines of the landscape are replaced by the vertical lines of building that want to close up my thoughts in a box... input are increasing every step further inside the town, corporative building and advertising are invading my visual space... no problem i will soon get use again.. but it's nice to notice the difference.. 
today was a set up day for everyone again .. getting ready for the weekend program... getting a proper rest.. find a automatic laundry was quite an adventure, people gave wrong directions, other ones were scared to be asked, someone pointed for places that are not existing anymore... some of us will leave some new ones will come to continue the walk next week. tomorrow  and sunday Sideways program continue in Brussels
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