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maandag, 27 August 2012 22:27

From Handbook for the itinerant - Brandon LaBelle

Rhythm O: the performance by Marina Abramovic in which she submits herself to the whims and fantasies of the audience who are allowed to prod and poke her, to write on her body, and even, in the end, to hold a gun to her: I take the rhythm of this encounter as a zero degree, a base line upon which body is met with body; fantasy is invited onto the identity of the one, before; a primary contact: face to face. Rhythm O as the temporal spacing of the Other: an O in front of the I. Zeros and Ones; the fundamental binary by which variation proceeds: that is, all Rhythm. On / Off. In and Out: to step up, and then down, out and around, all the faces of the crowd passing, as  breaths against my body. that propel and complement the step, the rhythm-O by which I encounter the Other, and the Other invades the I.

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