Menen, 19 augustus Brussel, 1 & 2 september Turnhout, 8 & 9 september Zutendaal, 15 en 16 september Herzele, 25 & 26 augustus

Daniel Nicolae Djamo (RO) | My Road

PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEO - Participant of the Sideways expedition from 17.08 to 17.09

Interventions in Menen (19.08), Herzele (25-26.08), Brussels (1-2.09), Turnhout (8-9.09) and Zutendaal (15-16.09)

djamo daniel amh  10 800x533Photographer Daniel Djamo focalizes on the road as a space of encounters, a place where rumours circulate and legends originate. During Sideways Festival, Daniel tries to grasp this narrational power of the road using both film and video.


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Please read the press release (17.7.2012) of the Romanian Cultural Institute Brussels in RomanianEnglishFrench and Dutch.