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donderdag, 10 May 2012 20:31

Dag 29 - Vrijdag 14.09

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vrijdag, 14 September 2012 23:24

collective questions

Why did we do this walk?

What did we learn from this walk?

What did we miss?

What is going sideways?

How can we take this further?

If we were to walk again would we walk differently?

Who is sideways?

What perspective did it have on the landscape?

When are we sideways, and when are we straight ahead?

Where did we arrive?

What is distance?

Does the whole walk have a story?

Is this an end?

Why walk?

How did sideways affect the people who took part, the territory and the people we encountered?

What traces did we leave behind?

How far can we go?

What is the connection between distance, creativity, mind and feet?

Are we conscious of the things we have been doing?

What does it mean to be lost?

How can we imagine a relevant output?

How can we imagine a relevant input?

Is it possible to get lost?

Do we have to follow all the time?

How will the people we encounter remember us?

How do we preserve a kind of memory about this?

Do we need the public?

Do the public need us?

Who is the public?

Are we going to walk back home?

Is it a unique experience or is it possible to do it again?

What would be the value of doing it again?

Is it about the destination or the experience, which is more important?

What is the value of endurance?

What is the pain in blisters?

What did we find most challenging about the experience?

Have we done something relevant?

Where we appropriated?

Should we have appropriated others?

Did we trespass, on minds or on property?

Were we vandals?

Did we become a moving landscape?

Do we travel further in conversation?

What visions could we formulate for future festivals of this kind? How could we adapt or re-imagine the experiment?

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