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zondag, 02 September 2012 12:49

A Sideways horoscope

At the end of our journey from Herzele to Brussels, Peter read me my horoscope.

As the Queen summounded Alice in Wonderland, I was to have 6 impossible thoughts before breakfast.

This is what Sideways has reminded me is not so impossible:

1. Let a donkey set your pace

2. Honour hospitality: A roof over our heads. A shower in a backyard. A week of meals together.

3. We need less money than we think.

4. If we have forgotten how to feed ourselves from the land, we learn how to do this again.

5. Re-tell love stories that cross private properties.

6. A path is made by many feet. Our freedom of movement within and across states is also made by many feet.

Books in my backpack this week: Handbook for the Itinerant - Brandon LaBelle, The Hundred Thousand Places - Thomas A Clark, The Art of Not Being Goverened - An Anarchist History of Upland Southeast Asia - James C Scott.

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