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dinsdag, 28 August 2012 23:11

changing speed

clouds are moving fast today..we slowly move forward..the group start to move together in the morning..a part the soundstorming workshop in which people will experience the landscape in terms of sound..they will take their space..there's always symmetry all around, trees, animals, fences

yep the fences

is always a strange feeling ... often on the footpath, that belong to the common, the free space could be only 80 cm wide and on both side fences to protect the properties... sometime i get confused between the inside and the outside which one is free for me to be

the donkey is enjoying the company, we visit a nice place full of art, a cello plays bach for us, it's nice to just meet things on the way, the donkey after a problem with the memory full... today changes the microphone to have a best result, we meet fruits on trees and field and field of vegetables. and sun comes out. Slowly everyone take is own speed..small talks...reading..singing..an so on all along

Changing our speed ... walk and adapt to this simple physical exercise, precious and challenging ... change the pressure ... take a step further, not necessarily forward (no system is actually linear and unidimensional), has allowed us to see with new eyes, and awakening the senses ..pure instinct..  as animals..  luckily these are  still there in our adn  smoldering under the ashes, buried in conditioned complex system. In cities, established systems are repetitive and Pavlovian for numbed and deceives mankind. Walking slow does not means  wasting time.. we discussed many times about the fact that the gain in speed in recent centuries has led to us not too far. Today the reckless are those who want to reduce speed ... Breathing as adrenaline this slow taste of life.

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