Menen, 19 augustus Brussel, 1 & 2 september Turnhout, 8 & 9 september Zutendaal, 15 en 16 september Herzele, 25 & 26 augustus

Christine Mackey (IE) | Ecological Dispersals

MIXED MEDIA INSTALLATION - Participant of the Sideways expedition from 3.09 to 9.09

Interventions in Brussels (1-2.09) and Turnhout (8-9.09)

web Christine Mackey - DIGGINGMACKEY- voorkeur Andy'Ecological dispersals' relates to the migration of plants and organisms that reposition themselves in a new context, thus redefining a habitat from one of neglect to one of diversity. In this respect, 'context' is re-scribed as a social environment - in constant flux, agitated by human presence and interaction with the 'other' – whether turning the page of a sketchbook, bending close to the ground searching for microscopic patterns or engaged with people mediated through conversations. Christine Mackey takes this notion of migratory diversity in botany as the subject of her project during the Sideways journey. Applying an old tradition – 'stooped labour' in a contemporary context - she has devised a series of creative activities – collecting/digging/drawing/ recording/talking/mapping to generate new material, whereby the focus is less on textual descriptions of biological phenomenon and more about getting dirty and active in the field. These observational processes recombined with other mobile mediums will manifest as a temporary installation combining a range of mediums, thus enriching our experience of both the materiality of the route and its physical manifestation.

Christine Maceky (IE)

web Christine Mackey - frogsMACKEY

In recent years, Mackey's practice has focused on examining the role of ecological systems (social, biological, and physical) and its representation in the present day through the production of drawings, sculptural installations, text, sound and video, photographic and archival documentation, publications. Her most recent work was the subject of a solo exhibition SEED MATTER and 'other' stories at The Butler Gallery in Co. Kilkenny (2011), funded by a bursary award from the Arts Council of Ireland. She lives and works in North Leitrim and is a recent graduate with a practice based PhD at the University of Ulster, Belfast.