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Brandon LaBelle (US/DE) | Handbook for The Itinerant

PUBLICATION - This publication is distributed during the Sideways expedition from 17.08 to 17.09

Intervention in Zutendaal (15.09)

web Brandon LaBelle Itinerant - voorkeur AndyThe project is developed as a book addressing transience and mobility as central themes, and aims to act as a mobile object for journeying: the book is both a journey in writing, as well as a device for conditioning the steps of the reader. The work functions as a writing-walking, developing reflections and meditations on the conditions of the step. Part-fiction and part-essay, Handbook for the Itinerant notates the everyday as a search for affiliation across multiple geographies (physical,relational, imaginary and virtual). Aspects such as the poetics of walking (drift and dreaming), the politics of mobility (place and displacement; gentrification), passing through (tourism, on the road), and the challenges of global migration(itinerant work and the refugee) are reflected upon so as to open up a critical and creative territory on what it means to go from here to there. Mobility is thus underscored as bringing together the poetics of walking, of transiting and meandering,with that of the global refugee and the itinerant worker.



Brandon LaBelle (US)

Brandon LaBelle is an artist, writer and theorist living in Berlin. His work addresses the relation of the public and the private, sociality and the narratives of everyday life,using sound, performance, text and sited constructions. His work has been presented at the Whitney Museum, NY (2012), Image Music Text, London (2011), Sonic Acts, Amsterdam (2010), A/V Festival, Newcastle (2008, 2010), Museums Quartier/Tonspur, Vienna (2009), 7th Bienal do Mercosul, Porto Allegro (2009), Center for Cultural Decontamination, Belgrade (2009), Casa Vecina, Mexico City (2008), Fear of the Known, Cape Town (2008), Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam(2003, 2007), Ybakatu Gallery, Curitiba (2003, 2006, 2009), Singuhr Gallery, Berlin(2004), and ICC, Tokyo (2000). He is the author of Background Noise: Perspectives on Sound Art (Continuum, 2006) and Acoustic Territories: Sound Culture and Everyday Life (Continuum, 2010). He is currently professor at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Norway.


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