Anthony Schrag / Kevin McPhee (GB) | This is How Far We’ve Come

WALKSHOPS 'This is how far we've come' - In Brussels (2.09): info & registration

web Anthony Schrag - 8 - voorkeur AndyWith his 'urban free-climbing' performance, Antony Schrag takes participants along new pathways, passages and gangways. Anthony invites participants to find new paths around the city, and new ways to see the paths that might not have been visible to them, as they've been thinking with their feet, instead of their whole body. 

Anthony was, unfortunately, attacked by a dog recently. Due to this accident, he is unable to be as physical as he would like to be and is therefore unable to "move Sideways." So, he has collaborated with Kevin McPhee to develop a work that reflects the original intention of Anthony's project and he is more than confident that Kevin will make this an interesting endeavour.

Antony Schrag (GB)

web Anthony Schrag - 2Anthony is interested in how to explore our physical relationship to constructed environments, and how our physical movements are standardized or constrained by the urban world. His interest in this work lies in an understanding of our biological construction – we are apes, built to climb: it is why we are the shape we are, with long arms and strong legs – compared to the scope of movement we actually do. The majority of actions we get up to amounts to sitting, walking and sometimes running. Anthony aims at examining the wider abilities of our bodies in space, and my practice explores this phenomenology. In this workshop climbing is thus rediscovered as the art of taking a vertical walk.

Kevin McPhee (GB)

Kevin McPhee is an artist, curator, and sometimes collaborator. His mostly object-based installation practice is interested in the possibility, rather than the actuality, of physical form. His work explores the relationship between the audience and the object, and how the audience can participate more actively within that experience. Kevin has little in common with Anthony's practice, but this is what they find of interest. However he is keenly interested in participatory methodologies and has an above average level of fitness. Kevin trusts Anthony and hopes that that trust is reciprocated.