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This is how far we've come

Climbing is rediscovered as the art of taking a vertical walk.
SUNDAY 2.09 (Brussels) - 10:30-13:30 walkshop + 14:30-16:30: showing walkshop

 Anthony Schrag - 8 - voorkeur Andy

THIS IS HOW FAR WE’VE COME   | Anthony Schrag / Kevin McPhee (GB)

What is a city? How do we move through it? Considering our evolutionary history, it is strange we don't relate to it more creatively: we are apes, built to climb and swing. It is why we are the shape we are, with long arms and powerful legs. And yet, in a city, we often only walk or sit, and sometimes, we run. Considering this knowledge and taking cues from free-running and parkour, interested participants will take part in a 2-2,5 hour workshop, exploring different ways of moving through a city, developing a small performance of small interventions with the urban environment. This workshop is not about speed and virtuosity, but about playfully re-imagining our relationship to the constructed environment, using the tools of our body and our imaginations.

Anthony was, unfortunately, attacked by a dog recently. Due to this accident, he is unable to be as physical as he would like to be and is therefore unable to "move Sideways." So, he has collaborated with Kevin McPhee to develop a work that reflects the original intention of Anthony's project and he is more than confident that Kevin will make this an interesting endeavour.

Kevin McPhee is an artist, curator, and sometimes collaborator. His mostly object-based installation practice is interested in the possibility, rather than the actuality, of physical form. His work explores the relationship between the audience and the object, and how the audience can participate more actively within that experience.

Kevin has little in common with Anthony's practice, but this is what they find of interest. However he is keenly interested in participatory methodologies and has an above average level of fitness. Kevin trusts Anthony and hopes that that trust is reciprocated.

PARTICIPANTS Maximum 10 participants per workshop.

PRICE Participation is free, but registration is compulsory 

WHAT TO BRING Bring tight, light, flexible shoes with grips (no boots) and clothes that can get dirty, ripped or damaged.

WHEN/WHERE Sunday 2 September 10:30-13:30 (walkshop) + 13:30-14:30 (showing walkshop). Meeting point: Kids farm of Parc Maximilien, Schipperijkaai 21 Quai du Batelage.

SEE ALSO Anthony Schrag & Kevin McPhee and www.anthonyschrag.com

REGISTER VIA www.sideways2012.be/workshops  with registration code B07 and/or B08