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The bigger our metropolis have grown and sprawled, the more we have discovered that cities belonged to the biosphere. As urban animals, we are ready to discover and to experience the intimate, fascinating and complex intertwining between "urban" and "natural" spaces. Wilderness hiking, an activity that appeared in the 19th century, has developed during the 20th century as a massive social practice. Beyond "wilderness" and "human spaces", let's travel now on foot around our own metropolis.

Deeply connected with contemporary art issues such as land, data and public space, the Metropolis Hiking Trail involves artists and researchers for a collaborative adventure.

Baptiste Lanaspeze (FR)

Baptiste Lanaspeze, author and publisher, is the founder of Wildproject Press (, a France-based company specialized in publishing and in cultural projects. Wildproject has for example developed and co-realized the Marseilles metropolis long-distance hiking trail "GR2013" (150 miles) with Marseilles European Capital of Culture (ECOC) 2013.