Misha Myers (GB) | University College Falmouth

Misha Myers feetEnduring Gravity: Footnotes on walking, duration and distance

The footnote is an elusive fugitive that creates diversions, detours and breaks of consciousness from the more linear path of a text. This is a path akin to that of the walker who switches-back, turns, retraces and falls between steps and gaps in thoughts.

Using the footnote as a structural and formal device for speaking on endurance and duration in walking, this performative lecture follows such a path in pursuit of an elusive subject-- the long distance and slow motion walker's endurance of gravity and experience of time and space. The footnote sets a pace, marks the time and distances travelled along this meander where various practical and philosophical approaches to the temporal and embodied experience of walking are inscribed in an effort to formulate an aesthetics of slow mobility. How space and time are manipulated, collapsed or expanded in the consciousness and body of the walker as they contend with gravity, the requisite condition of walking and falling into the world, are considered, as are the scales of attention a slow mobility affords. In contrast to, or building upon Paul Virilo's notion of the 'dromosphere', the dimensions of a 'lentosphere' are constructed through the walker's footsteps and writings. As is the nature of the footnote, the diversions are diverse, but aggregate around this concern and are grounded with the walker's perspective and experience.

Misha Myers (GB)

Misha Myers is a researcher and artist at University College Falmouth. She makes dialogical and socially engaged events that explore the complex relationships between people, place and context through processes of walking, talking, mapping and writing. She has published on aspects and forms of walking performance, such as walking and conviviality, the dramaturgy and choreography of walking, the aesthetics and politics of mobilities, and the theatricality of sound in audio walks.