Dirk Sturtewagen and Joris Capenberghs (BE) | Waerbeke

12 07 23 - Sideways - feet Dirk SturtewagenSLOW MAIL 2012-30

Sideways sparks off the Slow Mail project, an initiative of 'Waerbeke', a sociocultural movement investigating stillness and wellbeing in Flanders (Belgium) and Brussels. Citizens write to the next generation about topics they deem important enough to pass on to the future. These letters and parcels will be conserved for 18 years, being bricked in at the Stillness Portal, a former vicarage in the village of Waerbeke (Geraardsbergen), in the midst of a silent zone known as 'Dender-Mark'. Only in 2030, the addressees will be able to open their sendings. And where's the movement in all this? To be found in a hearty conversation.

Dirk Sturtewagen and Joris Capenberghs are collaborators of Waerbeke, a sociocultural movement working on silence, tranquility & quality of life. This organization embraces and fosters the experience of silence, tranquillity and spatial quality in different fields (culture, environment, public health and wellbeing, agriculture and rural development, mobility and tourism, etc.). Waerbeke emerged out of the setup and nomination of 'Dender-Mark', the first formally acknowledged 'silent zone' in Flanders, the northern region of Belgium.

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