Sacha Kagan (DE) | Cultura21, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg

Sacha-feet-2012-documenta-2The Serendipedestrian

How can walking foster aesthetics of complexity? What can the embodied knowing of the pedestrian mean in the search process of sustainability? Trying to start unfolding these two convolute questions on a short discursive path, Sacha Kagan expects to stumble upon a mesh of conceptual branches: NatureCulture, eco-art, community resilience, artful knowing, queer ecologies, and maybe a couple more (or maybe a couple less, if times runs out). Some of these elements in Kagan's "serendipedestrian" talk, may sloppily branch off, and slip away from the sore-feet wayfarers audience. Other bits, with a tad of luck, may sagaciously turn out to entwine the staffs of sustainability-drifters, 'moving on'.

Sacha Kagan (DE)

Sacha Kagan is Research Associate at the Institute of Cultural Theory, Research and the Arts (IKKK), Leuphana University Lüneburg. He founded the International level of Cultura21, Network for Cultures of Sustainability. The focus of his research and cultural work lies in the transdisciplinary field of arts and (un-)sustainability.