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Hendrik Sturm & Guy Morel (DE/FR) | Marcher Ensemble

WALKSHOP 'Marcher Ensemble' - In Menen (19.08): more info & registration

web Hendrik Sturm Gipsbrocken - voorkeur AndyIn Menen, Guy Morel and Hendrik Sturm organise a collective walk, based on a multifaceted research on micro-landscapes, constrasts, traces and layers in the urban scenery.

Walking Together is a 11 km-walk through multiple space-times in a contemporary Flemish landscape. During two weeks staying in Menen researcher Guy Morel and walking artist Hendrik Sturm prepared a public walk by exploring an area between Menen and Mouscron which is particularly rich in borderlines on the linguistic, political and cultural level and in terms of land-use. Hendrik & Guy pay special attention to the different kinds of networks on the way: local streets and footpaths, hydraulic networks for transportation and water supply, nodes of cultural and industrial networks active on an international scale. For example a pigment maker who has been producing locally for hundred years and is now also active in China. Or the postconsumer plastic recycler who is selling his secondary raw material to Asia. A seemingly continuous and slowly progressing walk can reveal us the impression of acceleration and sudden translocation.

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