Menen, 19 augustus Brussel, 1 & 2 september Turnhout, 8 & 9 september Zutendaal, 15 en 16 september Herzele, 25 & 26 augustus


A workshop inviting participants to explore the surroundings through sound and to edit personal compositions.
Workshop 1: From FRIDAY 24.08 till SUNDAY 26.08 (Herzele) - UPDATED DATES!
Workshop 2: From FRIDAY 7.09 till SUNDAY 9.09 (Turnhout)

Aifoon -  headphones 3


Have you ever dwelled on the fact you find yourself in a gigantic world of sounds? A world filled with sounds of people moving, trading and going to school, as well with sounds produced by animals and different natural phenomena? This fullness of sounds surrounding us can be interpreted as an instant opus of tones. Otherwise, using a sound recorder, we ourselves can make compositions with sounds derived from our environment. As a painter or a photographer makes visual portraits of his subject, the participant of the Soundways workshop makes ‘sound portraits’. What is at stake in the workshop is the question how to translate and compose a topographical zone using sound recorders. During the workshop, participants will interpret this world of sounds making a personal soundscape. In order to do so, Aifoon brings its mobile studio. At the end of the workshop the participants present their recorded samples mixed into a sound composition live to the festival public. During 5 days, the participants work on their composition, during half a day they prepare for and present a performance at the Sideways festival.

PARTICIPANTS Maximum 20 participants/workshop can participate. It is open for young and old, with a minimum age is 12 years. Sound artist Bram Bosteels will conduct the workshop.

PRICE Participation is free, but registration is compulsory for the 3-days workshop.

WHAT TO BRING? Participants bring a sound object to the first workshop. This is an object that produces a fascinating sound. Do mind: it’s not authorised to use your voice, a musical instrument or devices (e.g. recording device, mobile phone, computer game). 

WHEN/WHERE Walkshop B10 Friday 24 August, 10:00, at Wattenfabriek, Solleveld 35, 9550 Herzele. Walkshop B11 Friday 7 September, 10:00, meeting point in Klein Engelandhoeve, Klein Engeland 29, Turnhout.

SEE ALSO Aifoon and www.aifoon.org

REGISTER VIA www.sideways2012.be/nl/workshops  with registration code B10 and/or B11 

HERZELE – Soundways | Wattenfabriek - UPDATED DATES!

24/08  >  10-12h: workshop 1 > 13-15h: workshop 2 
25/08  >  
10-12h: workshop 3 > 13-15h: workshop 4
26/08  >  10-12h: workshop 5 > 12-14h: soundcheck > 14h30-15h: showing walkshop

TURNHOUT – Soundways | Klein Engelandhoeve

07/08  >  10-12h: workshop 1 > 13-15h: workshop 2
08/08  >  10-12h: workshop 3 > 13-15h: workshop 4
09/08  >  10-12h: workshop 5 > 15-16h: soundcheck > 16-17h: showing walkshop