Visit the Sideways camp during 5 successive weekends!

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During 5 successive weekends, the Sideways caravan comes to a stand-still at 5 festival places. In a series of interventions, actions, installations and workshops, the actual artistic program of Sideways unfolds. As the festival places differ from each other, the weekend program is adjusted to the atmosphere of each place. Apart from documenting and presenting the experiences from the journey by the participating artists, artistic interventions are developed for the specific locations. Each meeting point is the starting point for an artistic walk. Sideways welcomes everybody, the entrance is free.


CC De Steiger Menen voorgevel 1

  • Meeting Point: Cultureel Centrum De Steiger - Waalvest 1 - 8930 Menen 
  • Flirting with the horizon: On Sunday 19 August, the Sideways expedition kicks off with the symposium Setting Out and explorative walks in the public space of border town Menen. Join us at our mobile bar & food stand and meet the DonkeyXote!
  • Symposium: Sideways includes two distinct but interwoven symposia. At the very start of the festival period, the first symposium ‘Setting Out’ sparks an investigation of ‘slow ways’. Speakers and participating artists introduce a series of topics and questions to guide the artistic journey (rather than to determine its course). More information coming soon!
Arpia 02SB2 - voorkeur Andy 640x427
  • Meeting Point: ARPIA - Oude Steenbakkerij - Kauwstraat 103 - 9550 Herzele 
  • Guest in the Flemish Ardennes: The second Sideways weekend coincides with the opening of partner organization Arpia's annual art trail. We follow a former tramway track, relax at a picturesque brick factory and enjoy a sequence of outdoor live art interventions against the natural backdrop of the Flemish Ardennes. Friday evening Sideways is guest of 't Uilekot for an evening of fun, new friends and music. 
Ferme du parc Maximilien - koer breedbeeld
  • Meeting Point: KIDS farm Maximiliaanpark - Schipperijkaai 21 Quai du Batelage - 1000 Brussels 
  • Lines of movement in the capital city: The stopover in Brussels allows us to walk a transect from the edge to the city centre and to experience a series of unimagined passageways. We revisit the urban landscape through an urban climbing workshop, a GPS drawing session and an itinerant foraging experience. A city farm becomes the main venue of the weekend and hosts our mobile bar & food stand. More information follows soon.
KEH 2 640x428
  • Meeting point: Klein Engelandhoeve - Klein Engeland 29 - 2300 Turnhout -
  • Wanderings between centre and periphery, city and country-side, past and present:  An edgeland in many respects, Turnhout entices to make a detour. Sideways sets up camp at the former workman's houses known as the ‘Klein Engelandhoeve’. Expect a diverse weekend program, including artists curated by the Verbeke Foundation, an open air film screening and a number of activities that examine the cultural significance of stillness and silence.
Lieteberg - uitkijktoren2 428x640
  • Meeting point: DE LIETEBERG - Zuurbroekstraat 16 - 3690 Zutendaal 
  • Shoes from the 'Hoge Kempen': In Zutendaal, the Sideways journey folds into a final festival weekend. Not a terminus, but a pause out of which new lines of movement will emerge. Host location is the Lieteberg, one of the gateways into the National Park ‘Hoge Kempen’. The weekend programme includes the closing symposium ‘Moving On’, the concluding presentation of the mobile art projects and a refreshing walk along the local barefoot trail.
  • Symposium: The symposium ‘Moving On’ extends upon the initial markers set up at the symposium in Menen and confronts the actual experiences of the Sideways laboratory with stories and practices emerging in other contexts. Both symposia focus on the socio-cultural and ecological aspects of being on the go. As such, the Sideways symposia expand our understanding of issues regarding site-specific art and performance, walking and trespassing, sustainability and landscape, stillness and slowness, (im)mobility and spatial (un)planning.