Menen, 19 augustus Brussel, 1 & 2 september Turnhout, 8 & 9 september Zutendaal, 15 en 16 september Herzele, 25 & 26 augustus


A workshop inviting participants to explore the surroundings through sound and to edit personal compositions.
SUNDAY 9.09, 13:00-16:00 (Turnhout)

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“Investigating silence actively”, is the starting point of the educational art organization Aifoon vzw (www.aifoon.org). Ten years ago, Aifoon asked children from the elementary school how they perceived their way from home to school and challenged them to translate this experience using recording devices. Meanwhile, they collaborate with both children, adolescents, art teachers, convicts and disabled persons. They experiment with sound in schools, places for leisure and in artistic contexts in Belgium and abroad. Aifoon’s portfolio comprises two hundred well considered activities. With the word ‘sound’, Aifoon neither aims at music, nor at the voice, but at the manipulated sounds recorded by the participants. Sound should not merely be interpreted as a vibration, but above all as a bearer of significance (emotions, intentions,…)

Aifoon organizes an open and creative laboratory in which a ‘relative silence’ is intuitively and poetically investigated by the participants. Adding, fixing and organising silence, the participants become aware of their environment, of different modes of listening and of the musicality of sounds combined. By monumentalizing the silence, Aifoon takes the participants out of their comfort zone and offers them a platform to experiment and improvise. Averse to existing modes and codes, they are offered a white page for communicating their experiences.

During Klanklandschapen the participants actively design a sound-environment. Preceded by some small assignments focusing on observation and recording of sound, they analyse the associative power of sound and the correlation between sound and image. At the end of the workshop we attend the presentation of the first workshop. Sound artist Stijn Dickel will conduct the workshop.

PARTICIPANTS Adults and children above the age of 10 are welcome to join. Register soon, there are only 20 places available for his workshop.

PRICE Participation is free, but registration is compulsory.

WHAT TO BRING? Participants bring a sound object to the first workshop. This is an object that produces a fascinating sound. Do mind: it’s not authorised to use your voice, a musical instrument or devices (e.g. recording device, mobile phone, computer game).

WHEN/WHERE Sunday 9 September, 13:00-16:00, Klein Engelandhoeve, Klein Engeland 29, Turnhout. Afterwards, participants can attend the performance of the Soundways workshop at 16:00.

SEE ALSO Aifoon and www.aifoon.org

REGISTER VIA www.sideways2012.be/nl/workshops  with registration code B12