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Edible plants, Herbal experiments

An open-air laboratory: collecting and preparing different species of edible plants in the urban environment of Brussels.
SATURDAY 1.09, 14:00 – 17:00 (Brussel)
SUNDAY 2.09, 14:00-18:00 (Brussels)

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OKNO is an artist run organisation for art and media technology. The working of OKNO hinges on two driving principles that are interconnected: collaboration and ecology. OKNO’s collective garden OpenGreen, workspace and server are used as catalysts for creating art works. OKNO presents a continuous program with media art events, exhibitions, expert and social meetings, workshops and performances. Check our calendar on the main page of this site. OKNO also collaborates with several local and international organizations, with similar goals. A system of exchange and cooperation has been maintained, esp. with Central Europe. Over the years, OKNO started to work more on longer-term projects, involving very diverse artists and experts, of all levels of experience, but with a common interest in the experimental and environmental. For that reason OKNO started up a larger project "Time Inventors' Kabinet", concentrating on the notion of Time in our present culture.

Annemie Maes and Nathalie Hunter are both artists and herborists. They will take the particpants on a 2-day journey. On Saturday September 1st they will walk with a group of participants through the urbanized environment of Brussels, starting from the forest of Laerbeek until the green oase of the city farm of Parc Maximilien. Together they will track edible plants, collect, name and archive them in a herbarium. On Sunday 2 September, the collected plants will be treated and made into products. Which products depend of the found plants. This could be drying plants for infuse-mixtures, till developing macerates to make oils or alcoholatures to make tinctures. Also make herbal oil, vinegar, a balsam against insect bites, a cream or a lotion can be produced. Sounds like something is brewing? OKNO takes you along an explorative and exciting journey on spots and places where you did not expect it!

PARTICPANTS The 2-day workshop is open to a number of 12 participants.

PRICE The participation fee is 5€ for the 2-day workshop.

WHAT TO BRING For the walk on Saturday: Wear clothing suitable for the weather, bring a bag of fabric material or a basket to collect plants, some paper towels or newspapers to keep the plants fresh. Also handy are: a pocket knife, magnifier and a pocket plant-book. For the preparations on Sunday: If participant would like to take home macerates and alcoholatures, they can bring glass jam pots of 500ml till 750 ml that can be sealed off.

WHEN/WHERE Saturday 1 September, 14:00-17:00 + Sunday 2 September , 14:00-18:00. The Edible Walk will start at the Laarbeekbos, Hoogstamboomgaard Schapenweg, 1090 Jette, 500m from the bus stop 'Jette UZ Brussel' (Bus line 14). On Saturday September 1st and will last about 2-3 hours. On Sunday September 2nd, the walkshop will take place from 14:00 till 18:00 at the city farm of parc Maximilien, Schipperijkaai 21 Quai du Batelage.

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