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Friday, 24 August 2012 17:17

over 30 today

over 30..most of us and the km too today on the map..is it the map the world ?..can stay the world in a map ?..long time question they say..we kind of don't care..Biegel take his time..and we won't arrive in time for dinner. Meanwhile a lot of small and precious conversations are rolling on..and beautiful details appears from nowhere there's a lot of hidden beauty if you take your time ... it will appear..by the way..is nice that in belgium there's not so much advertisement on the streets--compared with other place we know--but there's no people as well..where are they? sometime it looks like we entered a science fiction movie.


do you remember the myth to live from the forest and the woods ... i.e. "into the wild", "walden" , etc.... well, impossible here in Belgium ..first there's no so much wilderness left, second here like everywhere, it appears that to live from nature you have to own it a piece of it... that is a pretty much stupid concept, to own something which life is longer then us.. we should only take responsability of it...

and slowly arrive the end of the day and the rest..we entering in ARPIA where on saturday there will be an opening in which everybody here will participate..is one of the most known and appreciated landscape art place around Europe..a special place that do not have anything less than big-fat cities museum..and its balance in terms of beauty and simplicity is impressive..plus is open and free to everyone..apparently totally hidden in the belgium landscape..everybody is really happy to be here and have the opportunity to do something with them..that already busy we all disappeared

come tomorrow

or we will keep you slowly update

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