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Friday, 24 August 2012 16:44

The walking guest

«I started my project for the Sideways festival one year ago. Just at the moment when I heard from an artist-friend that there will be a Sideways festival in Belgium in 2012. Unfortunately the closing date for project entries already had past. So I just made up a project that could work anyway: I decided to join the festival as «the international unofficial walking guest». Shortly before that date I quitted my longtime work in the field of architectural exhibitions just to focus on my own walking projects. I began to work under the label of «lerjentours. Agentur für Gehkultur» (agency of walking culture) in Switzerland, where I live. I really enjoyed the answer of the Sideways' organisers that I could come over and join the group, what ment that «my project» had been accepted. After my stay and walking along of five days I can say that the Sideways Festival brings together, in a unique way, local people and initiatives with national and international artists and thinkers on walking. The walk through Belgium is not just a hiking trip but mainly a process of interweaving people's knowledge, impressions, ideas, and their thinking on sites. An impressive experience! Therefore I want to let you know: my project is an open source one. Don't be shy to apply also as «an unofficial walking guest» at Sideways expedition 2012!»

Marie-Anne Lerjen, Switzerland; lerjentours, Agentur für Gehkultur; www.lerjentours.ch ; 24 august 2012


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