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Thursday, 30 August 2012 21:43

a little bit from a walking librarian

Walking Librarian: Would you like to hear something from a book I am carrying in this Walking Library?....Strange to say no, strange to hear someone say no to an offer of being read to... it took me by surprise...oh, perhaps you're too busy, too nervous, too shy, too taken aback by the sheer audacity of someone offering a gift, well, perhaps it doesn't seem like a gift. Perhaps there will be something expected in return, maybe you will have to buy something, give something, commit something, think something...so you say no.

But then there will always be that glorious moment when someone says YES!!!! Yes, please read to me...And it happens, some kind of magical exchange of one person reading, maybe badly, in too quiet a voice, in a language only she understands....yet the other receives it, listening, looking maybe faraway, into the horizon, maybe only half understanding, sensing meanings....an exchange, a meeting, an encounter, over words, pages, leaves that flutter, momentarily lifted by the breeze, snatching the words off the page, out of the mouth, into the ears, into the wind...

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