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Wednesday, 29 August 2012 23:26

walking library

Tonight, the Walking Library shared some extracts from the Library for our visiting parliament minister and Sideways supporter, Bruno.

Pathways move in at least two directions - inwards, engaging with the self; and outwards, towards the other.


The first journey, towards the other, opening to the other, from Brandon LaBelle's Handbook for the Itinerant, written for Sideways (extract chosen by Walking Librarian Lynn Goh).

The phrase comes to mind: "To walk in another's shoes." Walking in this sense is a practice that educates us on the challenges of being in the world; it lessons us on the the confrontations as well as the openings found in mobility - to take a step is already to break into the world, and to search for direction. It is to bump against those who are already present, all that is situated in the spaces that surround. The pedagogy of walking is then both a physical experience, a sensation of being on the ground, as well as an unfolding of conscience: to walk is to learn of the other, found on the road; the step may teach us to also empathize with those that fall behind, or that lie down in the streets. It is to empathize, through a knowledge of the rhythmed self, with those who are driven by another beat. Or that are beaten down by a particular force.

The second, to the inward journey: from Thomas A. Clark's truly wonderful The Hundred Thousand Places, a single poem that travels across Scotland from dawn to dusk (suggested by Nigel Leask for the Walking Library).

once again

for the first time



whatever is lifted

by the winds is dropped

again into a calm

slightly ahead of itself


what you feel

you can contain

what you see

you will become


on the mountain's shoulder

sit on a rocking boulder

rocking and hugging yourself


if you move


events will start

up from your feet


the path turns

don't follow it

wait to feel

the lure of it

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