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Cristian Borș & Marius Rițiu (RO) | Bleach Gallery


Interventions in Turnhout (8-9.09)

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During Sideways, artist duo Cristian Borș & Marius Rițiu will present their free to use concept 'Bleach Gallery', which is a low-cost do-it-yourself art gallery. 

Once upon a time Cristian Borș & Marius Rițiu came to the West and learned to play pétanque. Arriving in Antwerp in 2010, the Romanian artist duo famed their way in the art world in a quite unusual way. Missing the deadline for an exhibition at Middelheim park, they tagged every poster of the exhibition to be found around the city of Antwerp with their stickers and installed their work -the artists on bicycles- in front of the park, entitled: Behind the fence (uninvited artists). Indeed, Borș & Rițiu conspired to a plan to race their way to fame and kicked off with the work How To Become Famous in One Month, shown at Gallery Marion de Cannière. Fruitfully, the art world is following the adventures of this humourful artist duo and in October 2011, they received the Cutlog Prize from ARTE.

Curator Simon Delobel from Verbeke Foundation introduces the artist duo as following:

"I am a man and I believe there is nothing human which is strange to me" Terence, Heauton Timoroumenos, v. 77 

Marius Rițiu and Cristian Borș, that's you. Marius Rițiu and Cristian Borș, that's me. Marius Rițiu and Cristian Borș, they are a fiction which became reality. Marius Rițiu and Cristian Borș, that's the adventure of which all are dreaming, but which has become reality for them. To repeat their name is to guarantee their success and prolong their road towards glory, at least if you adhere to the sacrosanct principles of modern marketing. Marius Rițiu and Cristian Borș, Rițiu and Borș, Borș and Rițiu. They are like a miraculous medicine against the monotony of every day and the anxiety of uncertainty. Public space is their kingdom, as it is also to you. Since February 2010 and the realization of their first joint project, Rițiu and Borș invade their own space. If the titles of their public interventions hint at revolt (Behind the fence, Stressing State.), that of their exhibitions rings the bells of a well established fame and comfort (How to become famous in One Month, This One Goes Out to the Ones We Loved). However, is the paradox of the scenario of the story of their adventure not a trick of their home country. A quizzical eye blink to the restrained budgets of the authorities granting subsidies. The fortuitous encounter in the streets of Antwerp of a bald soprano and a man with an iron mask. 

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This project is curated by VERBEKE FOUNDATION 

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