Menen, 19 augustus Brussel, 1 & 2 september Turnhout, 8 & 9 september Zutendaal, 15 en 16 september Herzele, 25 & 26 augustus

Andrew Stuck (GB) | Talking Walking

INTERVIEWS AND 'LIVE DISCUSSION FORMAT' - Participant of the Sideways expedition from 18.08 to 16.09

Interventions in Menen (19.08), Herzele (25-26.08), Brussels (1-2.09), Turnhout (8-9.09) and Zutendaal (15-16.09)

web Andrew Stuck -TaWTalking Walking will bring 50 (English speaking) voices of walking artists and activists to complement the Sideways walking festival. 2012 marks the fifth anniversary of the Talking Walking podcast project, which begun on a Walking and Art residency at the Banff Centre of Arts in Canada in September 2007.  Surrounded by 20 plus artists, performers and writers, Andrew wanted to find out how walking influenced their practice. He wanted to find a way in which he could share their walking insights and experience, and began publishing the interviews as podcasts. So began Talking Walking, which has carried on far beyond the duration of the residency, and has broadened to include amongst those Andrew has interviewed, professionals working in the world of walking.

By the time of the Sideways festival, some 50 interviews will have been recorded and published, to mark this Andrew will ask those interviewees to record their thoughts on the aims of the Sideways Festival by asking them "What happened when you last walked Sideways?". These recordings will be made available through mp3 players and headphones that can be lent to festival-goers. Festival-goers as well are invited to record their own responses. In addition, Andrew will conduct interviews with artists at each of the festival nodes as part of a public platform to which festival goers will be invited to attend and contribute to the discussion. Concurrent with the festival, he will undertake recordings of interviews with artists taking part, with the intention of editing and publishing these soon after the festival ends.

Andrew Stuck (UK) 

Andrew Stuck is an enthusiast for getting people out and about on foot to discover their local neighbourhoods. He uses a range of participatory techniques to enable participants to enrich their understanding of their surroundings. Holding a Masters in Urban Design and a Diploma Environmental Education, Andrew has been a Technical Adviser to the UK's Department of Transport on hard to reach children and children's independent mobility. He has presented at international walking conferences and has led walkshops (mobile walkshops) on three continents. In 2007, he was a Walking Artist in residence at Banff Centre of Arts, Canada. This residency was the spur for Andrew to develop as a 'walking creative' and he has gone on to develop a number of projects in which participants share learning and interact with artists, under the banner of the Museum of Walking.

In 2007, Andrew delivered four Map Rambles in different areas of London on a variety of themes and won praise from Time Out, London: "Highly recommended and Best of the Day". Map Rambles are exploratory investigations of neighbourhoods in which people come together to draw a collaborative map of their discoveries. Andrew delivered a reprise of a Map Ramble in March 2012 on behalf of the Bartlett School of Planning at University College London. He began publishing interviews with artists and professionals from the world of walking in 2007 and some 50 interviews will have been published on his Talking Walking website by the start of the Sideways Festival. Between 2008 and 2012 Andrew has built up a reputation as one of the UK's leading walking professionals, contributing strategic advice to local government and devising more than 300 walking routes for health providers in London. From 2009-2011, he hosted a series of Talk the Walk showcasing and networking events for professionals in the built environment, public health and transport that included walkshops (mobile workshops) on a number of themes. A Geologists' Association Curry Fund Grant has enabled Andrew and artist Martin Fidler to devise and facilitate four Ruskin Geology Walks in 2011, two in Camberwell and two in Clerkenwell, during which participants investigate the local areas using the techniques developed by John Ruskin. In July 2012 will be delivering 3 participatory walks as part of InTransit Art Festival in Kensington & Chelsea, and later in the year, in association with the Garden Museum, will be running a series of 4 participatory walks exploring the life of Octavia Hill.